As we approach the end of 2017, we wanted to share with you how was 2017 for us .
2017 was the year of the big projects and the year of accomplishment. Dear friends we are happy to tell you that we just celebrated our 6th year and our game number 100. YaY us!

It was a dynamic year filled with innovative ideas, great accomplishments, and global engagements here is some numbers:

  • 5 amazing new partners in Europe
  • 8 cool games as a service
  • 6 VR Experiences
  • 2 new games as a product

DigitalMania’s 2017 games

This year was definitely the confirmation that the video game is the king in the e-entertainement industry. It’s for sure also one of the most effective way to promote brands and products and it is also a super tool for the educational apps and websites.

Here is a sneak peak about what we did last year.

First of all,We created Dark Orbit Arcade, an adaptation of the famous MMORPG « Dark Orbit », in collaboration with Bigpoint,  and ShareCoca for McCANN and both were amazing. We are also proud to say that we were part of a successful marketing campaign with Delice, in which we produced “danup the game” in collaboration with G-Dice.One of our greatest hits was garcito, a game developed for our partner agency Impact and our client SFBT.

Another remarkable event of 2017 was that we assisted Kenbil Studio and Nessma TV for publishing their game Chakapons which went viral in Tunisia (Over 500.000 users in 2 months). As believers in Virtual Reality, we had the plesure to make 6 VR games this year. For instance, collaborating with Heineken at first and then with  Shell were one of the best,for whom we created an amazing F1 racing experience .

After the success of Oh! Zone Defi on 2016, we developed another successful game : VélOh! Challenge, in partnership with Sonobra and Tracy Communication.

We continued to work with our most prolific partners and a strategic partnership have been made with the most creative and successful digital agencies .


our partners

And to make all this possible of course DigitalMania family is growing with talented and creative people.

our team

What about Events?

2017 was also the year of connecting with our community :

DigitalMania took part in different international events, our aim is of course to promote our games, our partners games and share our experience about the creative industries.

Here is a look of this year’s events:


What about 2018 ?

2018 will be the year of augmented reality and mixed reality technologies. A big announcement will be made soon so stay posted.

In the end we want to thank everyone for making 2017 such a great year. Finally we are excited to see what 2018 will bring.Follow us on social media to be up-to-date with the latest news and check out our portfolio too.Your support is much appreciated.


happy new year

Happy New Year!

The DigitalMania Team



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