Our Story


DigitalMania has been officially founded in 2012. But before that, and along 2 years, the team was working on many projects to acquire experience and to master the art of video games creation. This story is about the long journey, full of trials, for the creation of the first video game company in Tunisia. DigitalMania still has a long way to go, but we are proud to count you a story, our story, the story of a dream ...


The Team


The staff of DigitalMania is composed by a bunch of crazy people all hired for their technical skills and also for their touch of madness. The team is divided in 5 major departements: The art department, the Unity developement department, the web developement department and the marketing department. The 5th department is the management, that orchestrates all the actions of the company to create that synergy within the team. 



Bursts bubbles, kill the mosquitoes or browse the futuristic city of Tunis! At DigitalMania, we create games. With a portfolio of 5 games and more than 30 games for third part companies, we already registered 500.000 recurrent players. Our 2D and 3D games are multiplatform games available on Android, iOS and Facebook. And current 2015, we plan to release at least 12 original and funny games. Check our portfolio and enjoy our games ;)

Mission & Vision


Our aim is to be a worldwide leader of the video game industry, standing out with games providing real added value.

We aspire to be an inspiring model by our way of being, of thinking and acting, and our mission is to deliver the best video game entertaining as many people as possible.

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