Sometimes, high school students beautifully surprise us and do things maybe elders couldn’t manage. That’s what the members of the Interact Tunis Club Golf did on March, the first.

They organized an event called “Upcoming Lights” for over a hundred high school students on the verge of graduation needing guidance and enlightenment from experts in order to choose their future field of studies and decide which road to take. The “Upcoming Lights”, held in “Lake Forum” included success stories and mini conferences alternated by musical breaks.


The minister of higher education and scientific research, beautifully opened this event by expressing his admiration and pride of the young organizers who managed to invite doctors and science , entrepreneurs, influent attorneys and experts in high technologies and game development industry.

Chema, our developer and UNITY expert, was there to animate the series of mini conferences about the gaming industry in Tunisia and worldwide. The interaction with the audience during the conference made it more efficient and everyone made full profit of the experience.


Several youngsters mentioned that they would love to become video game developers or game designers and were enthusiastic to Chema’s explanations. In fact, she demonstrated to them step by step the process of video game creation and offered them suggestions on how to start learning the basics on their own. Since the majority of questions revolved around the work environment and task distributions in DigitalMania, Chema introduced the main teams and described the spirit of our studio with some funny facts we lived.


There was one brilliant audience member, Hela, a beautiful young twelve-year-old girl who kept asking questions and taking notes just like a young start-upper would do.

One of the cutest questions that she asked was: Is it hard to create? To which Chema replied,

“It’s not. But even when it seems hard at first, it’s fun”.

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