This year is one of the most prolific for DigitalMania here are some numbers :

  • 10 amazing new partners
  • 15 cool games as a service
  • 9 VR Experiences
  • 5 games as a product

2016 was named the “Year of VR” not without reason! We have all seen this worldwide epic battle of VR technologies between Oculus, HTC and Sony. People talked about Virtual Reality in fairs, events, confs and even classrooms. Tunisia was no exception. VR was mostly an advertisement weapon for different brands in different fields. That’s why for DigitalMania, 2016 was also the “Year of VR”! But not solely 😉

DigitalMania’s 2016 VR Experiences

We’ve made 9 experiences and games using virtual reality technologies! Coca Cola Box of Feelings, the most popular VR Experience was made by FP7 / McCANN for Coca Cola. The trio, FP7 / McCANN, as concept owner, DigitalMania, as technology partner, and BanniBanni, as content producer, created a a box providing a 7D experience using Gear VR that toured all the 24 governorates of Tunisia. 37 000 people tried it and enjoyed a unique experience!!

INEDIT – Savourez l’instant… dans la Box of Feelings !Venez vivre un moment Coca-Cola du 06 Juin au 07 Juillet dans vos villes #BoxOfFeelings #ذوق_اللحظة

Publié par Coca-Cola sur jeudi 2 juin 2016


In addition to the VR Experience itself, we built a box providing extra sensations to the experience: A moving platform, fresh air, hot air and water splashing.



The newest VR technology, the HTC Vive, has also been exploited few months after its official release. “Oh! Zone Defi”  is a thrilling experience based on vertigo that pushes the players to their limits.

Oh Zone DéfisPublié par Oh Mouch Normal sur samedi 10 décembre 2016


New In-App payment method

Due to the Google Play restrictions on payments method, Tunisian game developers are still unable to monetise their games and apps. Ooredoo Tunisia and DigitalMania, made it possible on our games Funky Shooter, Pack 3sab and Bagra…



Bagra, our latest game!

2016 also was the year we made the soft launch of our latest game, Bagra! Bagra is a MMOHSMG or actually the first : Massive Multiplayer Online Hyper Social Mobile  Game (or more simply a Strategy Mobile Game :p) where you steal your friend’s cows in order to win a real … COW!

The giveaway of the first cow “Pamela” did the hype in the world wide gaming community and online medias talked about it in at 50+ countries. The biggest gaming media such as Kotaku, IGN or Demonoid talked about us and described the phenomenon as “The first game Pay-To-Win-A-Cow”! Interesting, isn’t?

Bagra won the Best Mobile Game Award at the Tunisian Game Awards 2016 (TGA)!

The early access of Bagra allowed us to collect feedbacks to provide a better version coming soon. Stay Tuned 😉


What about Events?

2016 was also the year of the participation of DigitalMania in many local and international events. We were present in many events to promote Bagra – The Game and our expertise about making games and VR experiences.


International media coverage

During 2016, we were hoping to gain more international media visibility. It started with a special interview of our CEO on Forbes Africa.

Fortunately, just after the first release of Bagra and with the giveaway of our lovely Pamela, Bagra – The Game and DigitalMania made the buzz.

Bagra The Game goes Viral

What about 2017?

2017 will be the year of the internationalization of DigitalMania. Our games like Bagra will be available in the international stores. We are also working on new VR project that we hope, will provide a fresh air to the VR market.

Growing our community overseas is also our main objective. For the moment, follow us on social media and stay tuned 😉

Thank you for all our partners and people who made it possible this year, and we would like to wish a very good luck to our bros from Wana Games, a new startup specialized in the online and web gaming industry!


Happy New Year!

The DigitalMania Team

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