Nos Jeux

Funky Shooter

Funky Shooter is a mobile shooter game based on skills. The faster you are, the more robbers you will kill. You play as a funky cop trying to prevent a bank robbery. Stop as many robbers as you can while trying not to shoot the poor hostages. Beware, the bad guys become more and more dangerous, so Funk Them Up.

Malla J3ala

Aware of our social responsibility, we developed a serious game to raise awareness against corruption. Malla J3ala opens the curtain on an evil that corrodes our society and shows that it is possible to denounce this kind of act, via a simple and educative game.

Tunis 2050 – The Game

Tunis 2050 The Game is the adaptation of the TV Show eponym, Tunis 2050. This running game allows you to control a Tunisian robot “Rouchka” through the futuristic town of Tunis.


Our first game, Defendoor, is in the middle way between strategy games and FPS games. Developed during 2012 via a crowdfunding attempt, Defendoor was released the 12/12/12. The game has been removed from market to receive a youth therapy. A second version will be released soon.

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