Since my childhood, I was interested in IT Sciences. I spent the majority of my life talking through a keyboard, whether it was through a machine or via interposed screen with virtually well-known people.

My love for video games started with games on console, then on computer and after that it turned into thirst to understand the logic of these applications.

After obtaining my Baccalaureate diploma, I promised myself that later on my job is going to be all about my passion, hence I chose the most adequate and suitable sector : software Engineering at INSAT.

It wasn’t really love at first sight for my studies weren’t leading my to the path of her dream. But after this small disillusion and with a Licence Diploma in Computer Science and Software, I was hired as a trainee in DigitalMania; the first development company in Tunisia. Afterwards, I was chosen to work as a Unity Developer in the same Compagny.

Now it’s been several years that I work there, getting to know day by day a little more about a field that I particularly love, by developing and attending in the creation of several projects.

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