Greetings !

I am Mourad , A.K.A Wardi, an IT engineer graduated from ESPRIT (Ecole Superieur Privé d’Ingénieurie et Technologie) [Private High school of Engineering and Technologies] on October 2012 and a member of the DigitalMania family since February 2010.

First encounter

In December 2009, Third year of Engineering courses, I was introduced to Walid (Leader and Boss), Ayoub (Mentor) and few others, A bunch of guys working on some crazy ideas where the goal was to ‘build’ the first video game company in the country and be the premier in this industry.

I decided to be part of the crazy team because of various factors:

  • I love to challenge people who says that something cannot be done. Most people were like : “Video Games In Tunisia, Seriously !”. Almost no one believed that this will ever see success. But here we are 😉
  • I am always eager to learn new stuff. Technologies never stop advancing so we shall never stop learning and we shall never say that we know everything.
    Even there was no payment check at first, the new experience with the guys was motivating enough to be part of them.
  • As an Engineering student, there was not a better chance to have a professional experience that will help in my future carrier.
  • GAMES !!! Yes, I joined because of Video Games. I am a casual gamer, I used to play up to 15h per week XD (Not Anymore 🙁 ). So why not stop being just a user, and become a producer 😉 .

Early Life in DigitalMania

For the first couple of years in DigitalMania, I was a noob (Newbie) developer trying to do various tasks from backends to frontends in web development, get better in mobile development and of course making video games.

I used to skip classes at high school (DON’T DO THAT) on many occasion to ensure the delivery of certain tasks given to me and to assist on critical projects’ development phases such as brainstorming games’ ideas, modeling and designing game.

Many people (Including my family) kept telling me to stop wasting my time on a “non-certain” success and focus on my studies. That didn’t lower my motivation to work on DigitalMania and try demonstrate that being engaged to what i am doing, what i love doing the most, will eventually came with good results.

We did struggle to keep the company alive, The boss successfully managed to get us monthly paychecks, enough to cover the lunch and transportation. I was grateful for that little believing that it will get better. Those who didn’t have faith on our success or decided to get something better for them left us with wishes of success.

First Project Failure

Defendoor (BETA June 2012)! [Alpha was a prototype tested and approved by DigitalMania and friends] A game that we hoped to be successful. We spent months working on the project, sleepless nights were many to be counted, but it took way too long and didn’t came with the intended results. Long story short, we recognize where we failed and we learnt how not to make the same mistakes again for next projects.

In my POV, what I learnt from Defendoor is priceless and the failure didn’t keep me from keep moving forward. The experience gained is well exploited now as far as I can say.

DigitalMania Now

After 4 years of hard work, I see a big change in DigitalMania, a good change. People came, other gone; Making progress everyday, working on organization, trying new processes and work methods, new technologies while maintaining old ones for the sake of productivity … I see a good future for us, DigitalMania, and I am proud I have been part of it since the beginning. I am proud of the work we did so far. I am proud to be among cool crazy people that I consider a FAMILY.

So far, this is just an intro to a series of articles following in the near future.

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