Hi folks! Today I’m going to count you a story, my story and how I became a communication manager in an indie video game company.

When I was young, I noticed that I always had the head in the stars, with an overflowing imagination. I was never satisfied by conventional games like figurines or cars. I was creating a whole world where was living Batman and aliens using fire trucks to travel between galaxies. And when I discover video games with the SNES, I was amazed by the infinite possibilities that could offer this kind of technology. Starting from this moment, I promised myself to create my own world and share it with others. Not only with words or picture, but through a unique journey where everybody can travel and discover a multitude of different universe starting from medieval ages, to a world reachable only an interstellar spaceship. All this through a video game.

Years passed, and my dream was strengthened even more, especially when I saw the multitude of indie companies growing up all around the world and creating various games, each one more fallacious than the last. But I was living in an ecosystem where video game companies did not exist. So while I was studying in university, I tried to develop my own game. Unsuccessfully! The fact is I was not enough skilled to develop a game by my own. But I held on and I convinced myself that one day, I will be able to provide a quality game.

I finally graduate from college, and started to work as a brand manager in a cloud computing company. Boring staff and boring field. But during the 2 years I spent there, I introduced the cloud gaming into the company’s strategy and I convinced them to sell Minecraft servers … And it works! The product was the best seller during a period. But I wasn’t beaming. I knew that my course was somewhere else. During that period, a promotion technic surprised me. It was during the communication campaign of Assassin’s Creed 3, they used the attachment of fans to viralize the game trailer. They proposed a deal, if fans share the link for more than 1 000 000 times, they will unlock the trailer. People were excited and shared links on all the existing social networks. And more they share, more the loading bar progress. At this point I said: if I will not create my own game, I will do my best to work in that field as communicator.

During several months, I searched to join a video game team in Tunisia (my country) or somewhere else. But I wasn’t enough skilled in the video game field to be accepted in Europe or America. So I joined an NGO, hopeless and powerless until DigitalMania contacts me. It was one of the rare Tunisian video games companies in Tunisia. I joined their team as a communication manager and I can say that one part of my dream was done. Now I have to use all my motivation and my conviction to promote our games and our products. The challenge is to manage all these games we plan to release in 2015. Our promise, as DigitalMania, is to develop 1 game per month. So stay tuned with our blog to be up to date with our news because you too, in video games you trust!

Sami Zalila

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