DigitalMania expertise 

To develop more than 80 games, we worked hard to sharpen  our technical skills and competencies in order to thrive in technologies and always be up-to-date. In fact, the 6 rewards earned in 4 years and the international papers written about our products and work attest the level of expertise reached by our team members and push us to always keep on track with technologies. 

Talking about technologies, it is clear that the discovery of the virtual & augmented reality revolutionized the gaming industry. And since in DigitalMania, we are always the first ones to try and implement the latest innovations, we developed several games using VR devices like Oculus, HTC vive and Gear VR  and we are now working on new VR and AR projects. 

The best is yet to come!


Fully 3D Environments

All our VR experiences are based on 3D environments where the modeling, the texturing and the animations are made by our highly creative 3D artists. This work cannot be done without the expertise of our developers who integrate all the concept arts in a “Unity3D” or “Unreal engine” environment. Beat The Beats, our major VR experience, is made following this process. Fully created by DigitalMania's crew, it received very positive reviews from the testers.

Many projects are coming soon. So stay tuned!

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